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Home Renovation Course I 12 Sessions

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Schedule your first session now and use your email confirmation link to book your future sessions.

Each course will last 1:30hrs and we will provide you with all the necessary tools and materials. We have limited slots of 8 available, book yours now in our South West London Location.


Whether you live in a townhouse, sub-urban family home, Victorian house or modern flat our classes are designed for anyone who wants to become more self-sufficient in home maintenance, improvements and repairs. 

Within the proposed 12 sessions of the course you will attend a 1:30hrs class once a week, you will have the opportunity to go through our proposed subjects that you can find under "the collections" below. Learn or renew your basic understanding with our expert DIY teachers and tackle the most common domestic difficulties or treat yourself to a small scale upgrade. 

Please click below for further information on our methods of teaching, the skills you will learn and what is included in our quarterly carpentry workshops.

    Activity for Adults

    Max Capacity: 12 persons

    Language: English

    Experience Level: Entry Level

    All Materials Included

    Sense of Achievement

    The satisfaction of creating something from scratch has an incomparable therapeutic energy. So… get to work and fear not!

    Safe Space

    We believe that creativity and learning are boosted when practiced in good company. Surround yourself with like-minded people!

    Your Own Pace

    Forget about the clock and move slowly: in Bricoteca there are no deadlines to deliver the projects, and no exams to assess your progress.

    Make a positive impact

    At Bricoteca you will find experiences designed to develop your skills and create a positive impact on the world with your own hands. Charge yourself with self-sufficiency while having fun learning about DIY, crafts and home maintenance with our courses and workshops.

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    At Bricoteca we create a motivating atmosphere that enhances skills, stimulates curiosity and nurtures critical thinking as a way to solve problems.Both in our courses and workshops, we propose projects that allow the student to incorporate key knowledge and skills, which respond to real needs and concerns.

    The classes are in small groups and you will receive personalized attention so that you can work safely, answering any questions immediately.

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    What to expect

    This is a quarterly course in which you will create your own personalized creative projects. You can make any of the proposals as we propose them, or adapt them to your needs and tastes, to generate your own version.